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Talko Group Australia,Talko English teach with vivid and interesting videos, for in-depth understanding of Australian culture、politics、economy、 tourism、life style and survival skills. Let you learn and master the survival English genuinely ,in order to knowing how to survival in oversea especially Australia.
Talko will covers all aspects of your life, including how to use public transportation? How to rent a house? How to connect with water, electricity, and gas? How to pay bills? How to buy a car? and so on. . .
Of course, it also including tourism, how to check in the hotel? How to rent a car? How to buy insurance? How to read the signpost? and so on. . .

The boundless universe, vast Australia, Talko English,Make a world like your home.

An easy and fun English learning official accounts, which includes a colorful dubbing, all-inclusive English learning materials, easy and flexible game mechanics to help you learn English. Following the pace of Talko, let us be together and take a look at Melbourne、 Sydney、 Brisbane、Adelaide and other beautiful cities to share happiness, learn and grow.

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Talko learning system

Artificial Intelligence learning system, makes speaking native English come true.

Through sound repetition, memory and scoring function, make learning is more efficient and interesting. Rapid and effective artificial intelligence combined with scientific learning theory, enhance your ability to make your English no longer a matter! Unlike traditional education, which focuses on rote learning, Talko focuses on oral practice to improve English skills through continuous “speaking”.

To investing yourself today is investing your future。
Join with us, let’s explore the beautiful Australia


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